Adam Donovan

13 Jan

Adam Donovan is one of the first artists i independently researched. His work inspired me as he demonstrated a range of surreal environments, and interactive work that I had not seen before. The importance of his work to me is that I was able to experience a new form of Digital Art to expand my knowledge of both the subject but also to see that Digital Art has many faces. The range of work that is classed as Digital Art is amazing, this has taught me that the subject has vast opportunities  for original creations.

This is Adam Donovan’s ‘Caustic Resonance’ piece;

Caustic from Adam Donovan on Vimeo.

Below there is an Analysis I have written on Adam Donovan’s piece ‘Caustic Resonance’;

Adam Donovan Analysis: Caustic Resonance

Adam Donovan practices methods that allow him to evolve from traditional artworks, and it is through this research and development into the sciences and psychology that Donovan is able to produce work that requires you to soak in everything you are viewing to begin to understand the meanings behind them. Adam’s Caustic Resonance piece was difficult to analyse as it was so surreal that it’s meaning was clouded in my view.

The installation feels as though it is meant to interact with the participant in a way that simulates fluid movement, the floating disks seem to react to the users movements giving the piece an attribute that isn’t seen often in the art world, and that is that the artwork is responding to the user rather than vice versa.

Caustic Resonance is presented to the viewer in an isolated, and surreal environment consisting of calm tranquil water and what seems to be five oddly shaped buoys of some kind. This use of mise en scene is interesting as it sets a scene of serenity but introduces odd floating objects that seem clunky yet sentient and fluid. This i felt disturbed the peace of the scene, but in a positive way in terms of attracting the user/viewer to the movement they are causing. Donovan used many elements of mise en scene to produce his piece, I feel that the buoys used in the piece are perfectly distributed around the original viewpoint we are given when viewing this artwork, they introduce boundaries into the piece as without them the composition would be far to vast and unconnected. The colour of the objects is also very important as the choice of red is surprising as red is usually tied to intense and violent symbolism, I feel this juxtaposes well with the calm serene waters and the gloomy unending skyline. the objects give the piece a more surreal sense as the buoys’ structure implies it is intended to be used for some purpose, but during the video the objects seem to be colliding with both the water and the red buoys and affecting them in real time.

Looking at the recorded piece as a whole, it emits surrealism as these spiral shaped reflective objects stride across the environment in a floating type movement giving off ambience and resonating with one another to form a sort of group. The trails left behind by these objects are also key to the experience of the installation as they give the participant a sense of their impact on the surroundings via their actions. The floating objects traverse the scene in such a quick motion that it makes them feel very guided and controlled, though they actually seem to take an initial movement but then glide in such a sinuous motion. They seem to attract toward and repel away from each other in a very rigid and strong manner.

The sounds emitted throughout the experience further the surreal and serene theme utilised in the piece as they seem to provide atmosphere and an eerie presence. these persistent sounds help to create a very calm yet deeply atmospheric environment. The video displayed many different people using the piece, this i believe makes the whole experience very unique as every movement captured by the camera recording is completely case sensitive and totally pure in its generation, the video as a whole is a combination of individuals moving and changing the piece in their own way totally unguided and un influenced by any rules or instructions. They are purely their to experience the piece in their own way creating new artworks from each person’s exploration.

Adam Donovan has said in a statement that The use of technology in my work comments on balancing the use of new scientific developments such as the ‘human Genome project’ but also claims new technology for art as more than a fetish for quirky machines” I feel that this statement directly applies to this piece as he is demonstrating the abilities of technology and as he say he is “claiming” them for the art world, allowing creative people to move from traditional art and stretch the boundaries of the way art can be made; viewed, interpreted and experienced.

One Response to “Adam Donovan”

  1. Adam October 13, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    ThThanks for writing about my work. I also have a new piece finished just recently if you want to have a look.
    Also feel free to contact me if you plan on writing something else, you can find my contact though my website.

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