Digital Art – Inspirations

13 Jan

Before I look into individual Digital Artists, I feel it would be beneficial to document and present some of the production companies that at times produce inspirational and amazing digital art collectively as artists work together with a common vision. I also wanted to show the quality and reality of these incredible pieces.

Here is a video trailer of a game named Diablo 3 produced by Blizzard Entertainment, this trailer shows to what lengths digital art can take us towards creating the real with technology. The quality of their work is astounding, and though created by a team of people over many months, it shows the extent to which Digital Art can stretch.

Another Piece by Blizzard would have to be from one of their other game titles but once again an amazing achievement in          Digital Art.

Here is a piece by Arena Net, who are producing a game called Guild Wars 2, this piece inspired me because their art style is all based around their concept art, made into beautiful and serene animations.


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